Why did PureFi choose to work with IDENTITY?

As you already noticed, PureFi started farming with IDENTITY last week and will continue doing so until the 7th of November.

Many of you asked why we chose IDENTITY for PureFi’s Issuer’s role, and we will gladly provide you with a straightforward answer.

First of all, IDENTITY is the first KYC service with a reusable NFT token, which eliminates the pain of doing KYC each time when registering on a new platform. For a business like PureFi, IDENTITY completely removes the risk of losing clients after numerous KYC attempts and payments for failed verifications attempts. With the NFT that IDENTITY uses as a digital ID, the primary information is kept in the token and can’t be fragged.

Since IDENTITY is a DeFi solution, it is perfectly suited for DeFi solution like PureFi, which allows us to create a seamless intergation.