Trustee x PureFi AMA recap

Trustee, can you tell us about your features?

Vadym Hrusha: We have the bitcoin focus, that is still on the high level. Sometimes I say that Trustee is the bitcoin first wallet. We have so many different functionality for bitcoin, anonymity features, replace transaction features, advanced features for updating the transaction while it is not mined. After the New Year we will release the extended UI features to use the hierarchically deliberated wallet mod. Usually unhosted non-custodial wallets, multi-currency wallets have only one address for the bitcoin that you can use. In Trustee you can actually enable the derivation and use as many addresses as you need. It can either be the segwit or legacy, we support both.

So in Trustee we have a wide functionality for the bitcoin chain, but of course as the market is growing the users demand more DeFi services. We are trying to fill this demand as we go. In addition to the old DeFi chains that are popular right now in the ecosystem, we have the NFT place, where you can receive or host all your NFTs from many chains. This is probably one of the first mainstream multi-currency wallets in the world that actually implemented the multi-chain NFT.

How do you work with each other?

Slava Demchuk: We provided the simplest way to purchase our token, actually we provided the bridge between the most popular stable coin USDT and PancakeSwap. So all the users of Trustee wallet or new users that can download Trustee wallet, can go to a swap screen and just swap USDT token in ERC20 and TRC20 to UFI token. It became quite simple.

And during this we also implemented an API that can be integrated to any swap service or crypto wallet. The target audience for such services are classical crypto users that don’t get used to DeFi, PancakeSwap, Uniswap. It’s just the simplest way for them to buy UFI token.

PureFi, any next round or farming?

Slava Demchuk: We’re gonna launch Safle farming and it’s gonna have a huge APY from the very beginning. There will be the rounds with some pre-IDO projects, probably after the New Year. We can’t disclose the specific project with whom we’re gonna launch the round, but we’re definitely gonna have it. And just to remind you, we also have a lasting round with a LocalTrade by 20th January. We’re definitely gonna have more and more farming on our platform with the project that shares our philosophy regarding the cleanness of assets and compliance.

What fees does the Trustee wallet have?

Vadym Hrusha: In general, we don’t have any fee but we do earn from the swaps that are implemented on the third party providers. We have a referral fee from these providers. What does it mean for the basic users: if you use a crypto, you send it to your friends, your family or do business with crypto, receive or send — there is no fee at all. You send it directly peer-to-peer without our involvement and intermediaries. You only have to pay the network fee for the protocol to actually accept and include your transaction in the blockchain. If you swap, usually it happens with a centralized or decentralized provider that does the swap for you, there’ll be some small fee.

The rates that we expect are 0.2 or 0.4 percent fee if it is crypto and 0.5 or sometimes 1 percent fee if it is fiat.

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