The very personal interview, Slava Demchuk, the CEO of PureFi

Tell us who you dreamed of becoming as a child? How did you make your first money?

I had a lot of dream jobs I wanted to do as a child. For instanse, a football player, a rock star, and only then, a developer. It soon became clear that there was not enough talent and skill to become neither a football player nor a rock star. However, I was carried away by the computer and everything connected with it.

How your path led you to your profession?

I just chose to proceed with what I liked doing. It’s simple. If you genuinely put the effort in something, It’s hard not succeed and build the career you want. Yes, there is always a competition but steady work does magic.

Why are you interested in cryptocurrencies in general and the issue of the security of cryptoassets in particular?

Cryptocurrencies in 2015 were fresh meat, revolutionary and high-tech. It remains the same in 2021. We from the start faced the problem of the purity of the origin of funds and complicated financial accounting for crypto exchange operations, therefore, in 2018, we began to develop the AMLBot project for the analytics of crypto transactions.

What are you responsible for at PureFi? What are the main tasks you are working on at the moment?

It’s hard to outline only 1 thing. As a CEO in a company at such stage of development, I get to deal with most various tasks. Sometimes I even have to write interviews — haha :) In general, I am responsible for building a product in the broadest sense of this concept: functionality, use cases with partners and negotiations with potential customers.

Why do you think PureFi will definitely succeed?

Various reasons. To make it short, DeFi is evolving rapidly, and we are already seeing a negative reaction from centralized services to similar services in the DeFi world. Therefore, a solution like PureFi is essential.

What are you most proud of at the moment?

Not to sound braggish, but many things. My proud moment isn’t only mine, it’s always shared with my entire team because the proud moment is a collective work. For instance, we have created the # 1 AML service for a wide audience of crypto users. Hard not to be proud of such statement.

Tell us about your most memorable fuckups? What conclusions did you draw from them?

In 2015 we went to TechCrunch Distrupt in San Francisco with a groundbreaking project.

That was the first time I ever put as much money and time into the project. I believed in the idea, was insanely proud, motivated and energetic about it — I loved it! When we pitched the idea, we realized that no one needed such project. There was no problem to solve and there was no demand for the solution in the market. I was devasted. This story taught me that you need to start building an idea from a real existing problem, not because the idea is “nice”. Right now, everything I am working with starts from the solution to the problem and is developed according to the customers feedback.

Where do you get strength and inspiration for productive work? Tell us about your hobbies?

I completely quit drinking even in small quantities. I realized that even 1 beer at a party takes away a massive amount of energy resource that could be used somewhere productively. I do a lot of sports like voleyball, etc. Our Pure marathon is also a part of my values. I want everyone to be able to feel what I feel when I’m taking care of my body.

Recommend 3 books that impressed you the most

War and Peace, Dune, Flowers for Algernon

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