The very personal interview, Sasha Antropov, the BDO of PureFi

Recently, we talked with Sasha Antropov, the BDO of PureFi.

Luckily, we caught Sasha at the right moment and in a good mood since he disclosed not only some personal information but also what’s happening inside the PureFi right now :)

Let’s see what he has to say

Tell us, who did you dream of becoming when you were a kid?

When I was a kid, my dream was to become a professional race driver. I have to admit, 20 years later, this is still something that excites me a lot.

What have you encountered on the path that brought you to where you are today?

I don’t think I have a profession per se. I had different companies and worked in various fields and industries such as hospitality, corporate events organizing, IT & deeptech, software development. Then I shifted my focus on blockchain, and now mainly for 2 years, I’ve been dealing with DeFi. PureFi is not my first startup experience. Through all these different experiences, jobs, and companies, I guess the most important is to form a habit by becoming an excellent expert in every new field.

What interest you in cryptocurrencies in general? In particular, why the issue of the security of crypto assets?

I’m a firm, solid believer that crypto, DeFi, and Web 3.0 are our future! As much as I want to be a crypto-anarchist at heart, I’m also a realist… I understand that in the fiat world and regulators won’t let crypto go mainstream unless our industry adopts the rules and regulations from TradFi. Therefore, for mass adoption to happen, we should solve some of the existing problems in DeFi, which up until this day attract some negative attention from the regulators in the first place! That’s exactly what we are working on at PureFi.

Tell us more about PureFi. How did it end up being a part of your life?

So initially, I started working with founders of AMLSafe and AMLBot (particularly, Slava), where I introduced the project to the right people in Dubai. Being an advisor, I brainstormed on promoting and developing a project further, reaching new markets, etc. In other words, pure business development — exactly what I like! We quickly agreed that it would make sense to have our own token since we were a crypto project after all. Then we started thinking about the utility and the problem we want to fix in the market. That’s how PureFi was born.

Fast forward, right now is a super exciting time for us. The pipeline of projects that showed interest in our product is astonishing! The market moves towards what we do. That also means that the problem we decided to work on is real! The market validation is more robust than I ever expected, starting from pre-IDO projects to protocols with 500ml in TVL and even DEXs.

What are you responsible for in PureFi?

I’m responsible for making this project grow, forming new strategic partnerships, coming up with new strategies to remain relevant in this market, finding projects interested in our service offering, and integrating our product.

What are the main tasks that you’re focused on right now?

Right now, PureFi has a pretty solid service offering for pre-IDO projects and IDO platforms. In parallel, I’m working closely with all our partners who signed up to integrate our Beta product. I have to say, the amount of Beta testers we have in the pipeline and the overall interest we received from the market is really something that motivates our entire team every day.

Why do you think PureFi will succeed?

If we were not receiving positive feedback from market players by now, I wouldn’t be so sure.

Here is a quick example. Around 6–7 months ago, we chatted with one of the Tier 1 DEX for early partnership and to validate our business concept. The answer we received wasnt exciting, big players back then didn’t feel the pressure from regulators and the need to have tools like what we are building. Fast forward, the same entity right now are is in our BETA testers pipeline! This is a start of a massive trend.

What are you most proud of at the moment?

I don’t want to brag. I look forward to our future success and let you know in an official announcements manner.

Where do you get the strength and inspiration for productive work? Tell us about your hobbies.

I hate the feeling of being inside my comfort zone. I always push myself to do an extra mile. For instance, I read more to understand more. Motivation is a personal thing. I want to see our project strive and be a CMC top 30 coin, haha.

I like music too. Right now, I’m learning how to play vinyl. At the same time, I’m a very active person. I ride motorbikes and do all the summer and winter sports, like hiking, camping, and playing with our dog.

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