What does DAO mean to you?

Slava Fokin: If we look at the launchpad, there are always two sides involved. On one side, you have investors who want to buy tokens from blockchain startups, and on the other side, it’s always their startups. I think that each of them have their own interests and own problems. So we need to regard them separately.

I would say that our launchpad is not only about investing. We think that the most important thing is gathering and sharing information about startups. Some investors can have some thoughts or some knowledge and they are able to share this information with other members of the community. Together they become owners of this wisdom of the crowd. When a big community starts discussing something it turns to a completely new level. It can have different consequences.

First of all, investors can decide what projects will appear on the platform and what projects won’t. If there is some information which says that the project won’t be profitable enough or it’s risky for some other parameters, then investors as a group can make a decision not to list this project on the launchpad. This decision isn’t governed by someone who just manages our launchpad. Every member of the community has the right to say something, to make some proposals which will be voted on by other community members. The decisions will be made together.

Secondly, together, the community can make individual investments and organize their investments into pools. Then these pools can be managed more efficiently. I think this is a very interesting concept which is really new. No other launchpad has something like that because it’s only possible in venture funds or more solid organizations. On this level of blockchain launchpads, nothing like that exists. We are going to introduce it to give Europe possibilities to invest.

What’re the main advantages for the investors?

Slava Fokin: We create a lot of opportunities and technical infrastructure for communication and interactions between investors. We have an integrated social network into the launchpad, but it’s not the social network just like Facebook or any other one. We don’t do it just to make people talk there. Our focus is making decisions. Basically we create some tools which allow people to discuss something, to make proposals and then make decisions out of those proposals.

There are a lot of mechanisms of decision making. If we look at blockchains, it’s usually also a part of their infrastructure, because the proof-of-stake, proof-of-work, proof-of-authority — it’s how decisions on the blockchain level are made. We use a lot of research and scientific development to implement those options to make decisions most efficiently.

What inspiration or motivation made you all build that project?

Slava Fokin: We have a tremendous team, and I think that each team member has different motivations. From my side, I’ve been working with startups for nearly 10 years already, and that’s why I know all the pains which startups have. On the other hand, I’ve been an investor, that’s why I was on another side as well, and I know how difficult it can be to participate in those public rounds of blockchain startups. I’m willing to change the situation because I know that there’s room for improvement here.

When presale? When is the date listing? When launch?

Slava Fokin: I won’t announce the exact date, but I will tell you that everything will be pretty soon. We expect the launch, presale, and listing to happen in December, only several weeks left, so stay tuned!

How do TG DAO and PureFi collaborate?

Slava Demchuk: PureFi has finished its MVP. The product on this market is continuing to develop. Right now, we have MVP, our sales team, and the business development team is seeking first adopters, first beta testers — TG DAO is one of them. Our service can be divided into two parts. The first part — we provide pre-IDO financial auditing or, in other words, pre-IDO anti-money laundering analytics. We analyze all the incoming transactions and check whether they have dirt or not. Another part of PureFi services is host-to-host integration with the launchpad, DEXs, and other DeFi protocols. Since TG DAO is the launchpad, they have their production version, and we will integrate PureFi into their platform as well. That’s how we are going to collaborate.

How can I participate in TG DAO projects?

Slava Fokin: It depends on what side you want to participate in. If you are a startup, we will be happy to consider your application. Our platform has not been launched, but at the same time, we are already scouting startups who are going to do their IDO in three months or so.

As an investor, very soon, you will be able to register there and start discussing. As a member of our DAO, you can begin to discuss and vote on how you want this community to be governed and what startups you want to see on the platform. Basically, right now, you will be able to influence what will be expected in the future.

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