Scammer Digest Week 47 + Monthly Review

This week’s review of scam projects is published slightly later since we wanted to combine the review week 47 and the monthly study in one article.

What did the last week bring us?

Last week turned out even more profitable for scammers than before. Fraudsters were able to lure out as much as 6,247,253.03 dollars from users through giveaways.

This is 9.2% or 526,766.47 dollars more than last week! The excitement around crypto and the desire to make big money by inexperienced users played well and right into the hands of scammers.

However, let’s get back to the November figures. According to data from, in November, scammers were able to earn $ 16,338,165.76 through giveaway projects alone. The most popular currencies among scammers are Ehterium, Shiba coin, and Cardano. It’s not hard to guess that fake streams are often done with Elon Musk, Charles Hoskinson, Vitalik Buterin. Also, scammers are now mastering new channels for promoting counterfeit projects. One of the newly popular channels is Instagram, for instance.PureFi will soon make several review articles on such projects.

As of the last thing for today, PureFi would like to remind everyone that no one promises a 100% profit out of thin air except for scammers.

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