Mechanics of PureFi Strategic Round pool for Safle

In order to address numerous questions from our community, we decided to describe in an example the mechanics of PureFi Strategic Round with Safle. Please note that all of the computations below are fictional, as the round is still ongoing and it is hard to predict $SAFLE price in $UFI, as well as the total amount of staked $UFIs.

As you recall, the total amount of available tokens is 714 286 $SAFLE, priced at 0.07 BUSD, which results in the total Pool size of 50 000 BUSD.

Let’s say Joe stakes 400 BUSD (888,88 UFI priced $0.45 per UFI at the time of staking) worth of UFI and Caroline stakes 3.000 USD (5454.55 UFI priced $0.55 per UFI at the time of staking) worth of UFI in order to participate in the round. In the end of the round, it turns out that the oversubscription was 5x and the total amount of UFI staked was 1 000 000. In addition, one day before the round it was determined that 1 $UFI = 7.15 $SAFLE (1 $UFI = 0.5 BUSD) making the Round size equal to USD 500 000.

So now we can determine the value of the round in $UFI making it 100 000 $UFI = 714 268 $SAFLE = 50 000 BUSD. As we can see, 900 000 UFI are oversubscribed tokens that are to be received back by the users who staked them.

Turns out that Joe owns approx. 0.09% of the total pool and Caroline 0.55% of such. Thus, Joe is entitled to 642.8 $SAFLE and Caroline to 3928.5 $SAFLE. In addition, they should receive back their oversubscribed $UFIs, Joe will get back 810 $UFI and Caroline 4.950 $UFI.

We hope that this example shines some light on how the Round works in practice!

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