PureFi signs a partnership agreement aimed at business development with Poolz.finance

9 November 2021. PureFi, a decentralized protocol that provides AML & compliance tools for the DeFi ecosystem, and Poolz.finance, a Decentralized Fundraising Cross-Chain Launchpad, are entering into a mutually beneficial partnership agreement that is aimed to increase the influx of compliant projects in the DeFi space.

Although DeFi has enjoyed massive success since its inception, the industry faces some risks and challenges that might affect users and its adoption by mainstream organizations.

Therefore, PureFi and Poolz.finance find it essential to cooperate to make the DeFi industry sustainable and compliant to attract mass adoption.

Amongst other partnerships with IDO platforms, the terms of this specific partnership include cross activities such as PureFi shall refer pre-qualified early-stage projects that have passed the initial due diligence and AML screening. In contrast, Poolz.finance shall refer projects that are planning to launch a public round to PureFi as potential clients for the pre-IDO service pack.

In addition, PureFi’s team will be glad to support and consult Poolz.finance, its clients, and partners in the testing of PureFi’s Beta that is already launched.

We are glad to be partnering up with Poolz.finance and open many projects and partnership opportunities for each other. In a sense, I believe that only through collaborations and mutually beneficial partnerships like these the industry can grow as a whole,” says Slava Demchuk, the CEO of PureFi.

After observing the revolution of the DeFi industry, we decided that it was now the right time to develop more ways for cooperation to grow the industry further and to respond better to its demands.”, says Liam Cohen, the CMO of Poolz.finance.

About PureFi:

PureFi is the only DeFi compliance protocol for mitigating risks of interacting with high-risk illicit assets and onboarding institutionals into DeFi. Developed by AMLBot in partnership with Hacken Foundation, aims to provide a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures on the DeFi market. PureFi within a set of smart contracts will connect KYC/AML providers with DeFi users and Dexs/Defi projects to provide crypto assets analytics and protect honest DeFi market players from “dirty money” risks. For example, the liquidity pool user will avoid the risk of getting an illegal money trail using the Verifiable Credentials certificate with his full-fledged AML/KYC data.





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