PureFi Rounds. Why are they important?

The number of fraudsters in the DeFi market is growing. In November alone, the scammers were able to earn $16,338,165.76 through giveaways only. In addition, the market is getting dirty funds due to the fact that scammers are now mastering new channels for promoting counterfeit projects. The main focus should be gathered now around the essence of where the funds come from. There needs to be more AML around the birthplace of the projects for the market to mature.

PureFi strongly supports only the projects that strictly share its values and have a similar massive transformative purpose of changing the world of cryptocurrency for the best. The support is shown in many ways, including joint farming programs, financial auditing, conducting the pre-IDO rounds that give a fair advantage for $UFI holders and enable them to get guaranteed allocations in practical, solid projects. The collected tokens during the pre-IDO round will be used as collateral to consume PureFi AML services.

As mentioned previously, the b2b partners should stake a decent amount of tokens to be able to use PureFi Protocol. The collected tokens act as a pass while the size of the stake defines a discount.

“For every B2B partnership that we form — the main rule is obviously to share our vision and values, regarding the cleanliness of funds and what it does for the industry. And of course, the only main rule for any B2B to get access to the PureFi Protocol’s products in our case is beta. They need to have a certain amount of UFI tokens. So what it means for our community is that every partnership we make creates an absolute demand for the token,” says Sasha Antropov, the CBDO of PureFi.

For any more detailed information, refer to the PureFi group chat.

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