PureFi has opened an investigation

PureFi decided to describe one of many cases involving fake websites and gifts distribution. PureFi chose this case because it contains large amounts of money and, consequently, very large losses. As you can see from the picture, we are dealing with a standard fraudulent website.

On the website, we see the address of the wallet r31G7de4rVWidcj6qXLfAw9gCm1jVGna3w

We find it in the Blockchain explorer.

Here we see a high balance and several low ones as well as several large top-ups.

We also see that 107,082.52 XRP was sent from this wallet to the address 1G7de4rVWidcj6qXLfAw9gCm1jVGna3w.

Funds are exchanged on the kucoin.com exchange as you can see from the screenshots.

PureFi informed the exchange representatives for clarifications and is currently waiting for an answer. This case shows how fraudsters feel safe and that in the fight against dirty crypto only joint efforts will make a difference.