Another scam identified by PureFi

PureFi continues to monitor fraudulent projects on the Riple network.

Our analysts have found some new live broadcasts with fake players.

Fortunately, the video wasn’t on air for a long time, but the address indicated on the video to where the money should be send is still working and available.

Fraudsters have already managed to collect 2,970.45 XRP, and it is also clear that there are two exchanges that are used for withdrawal — and We decided to check the previously encountered fake addresses and among several found that one is still working. The address remains unblocked. We also realized that its design was used for a different scam that we noticed much earlier on the 15.09.

Such impudent behavior of swindlers tells us that they feel absolutely free in doing crime. The saddest part is that people still do not check the websites and the information on them which allows fraudsters to deceive people without spending a lot of time and effort on it.

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