Pseudo-Apple Fraud. Dig Deeper.

Two weeks ago, on September 14, an APPLE presentation event was used by scammers to make a fake transaction that attracted further investments under promises to increase the number of funds sent. This event has been covered in the press before. Everyone has forgotten this incident by now, but PureFi has still decided to investigate this fraudulent case even further.

In this article, we will share the findings of this investigation. We are reminding you that pseudo-APPLE raised funds for two BTC addresses: 1KFwP5jnZy2fY2CBSFJMfgR1J2gukqbZcw

ETH 0x50B250e5bfEc02d66A01f5fe1E832723a0E558A2 via

Nothing was transferred to the 1KFwP5jnZy2fY2CBSFJMfgR1J2gukqbZcw address, which shows that users have become more cautious. After the verification of this address, a 0 balance was spotted.

However, 3 transactions were sent to the air address for a total amount of 1.371305257 ETH fraudster wallet. At the time of the creation of this article, almost the entire amount was withdrawn from the address on it; the balance was 0.013035857 ETH, respectively 1.3582694 ETH was withdrawn.

We analyzed the events and realized that almost half of the funds, or 0.665249316 ETH, were withdrawn through the exchange service, and a small part of 0.041428 ETH through Binance. Also, PureFi found several addresses that belonged to fraudsters and used them to launder funds.

Since PureFi understands that not all companies know that these addresses are scams. Therefore, we will post a list of these addresses to the public to make the cryptocurrency world cleaner. Do not let the scammers work freely and unpunished.

0x20da82b685adc4a4358d3935ba1644feed5bfd69 turnover 286.65 ETH

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