LP Minining & Dragon’s Syrup Program on QuickSwap

Pair on QUICKSWAP — https://bit.ly/3GzAYl1

1.Get some MATIC and UFI on the Polygon blockchain (if you do not have them already). You can do so on QuickSwap by going to the “Swap” section and selecting which crypto you would want to swap for UFI and MATIC (make sure you are connected to the MATIC network on your Web3 wallet).

2. Then head to the “Pool” section where you can provide liquidity for the UFI — MATIC pair (you would need to provide the liquidity in an equal amount of the both tokens) being incentivized by share of the trading fees and receive QUICK — V2 UFI — MATIC (LP) liquidity tokens.

3. You can choose what to do with your QUICK — V2 UFI — MATIC LP tokens — either let them sit in your wallet (you would need them in order to claim back your liquidity from the previous step) or you can stake them for the future rewards! If you head to “Farms” → “LP Mining”, on Wednesday 27.10 at 18:00 UTC you will be able to find UFI — MATIC liquidity pool where you can stake QUICK — V2 UFI — MATIC LP tokens receiving rewards in the form of dQUICK token. The current Pool Rate is 2.33 dQUICK/day and will be run for 45 days.

4. Now when you are earning some dQUICK, you can further utilize it to get some more UFI! This is where UFI Dragon’s Syrup Pool comes into play. Simply head to “Farms” → “Dragon’s Syrup”, search for a UFI pool and stake your dQUICK. In addition, you will be earning APY on your stacked dQUICK as well! UFI Dragon’s Syrup Pool should be available in 1–2 weeks.