Identity x PureFi AMA Recap

What are the benefits? And what are the features of the project?

Alexandre Starovetskiy: It is cost and time effectiveness on the business side, mitigation of cyber security risk, risk linked to privacy, also regulatory risk mitigation. For the client, mostly it’s time effectiveness, a friendly solution with dedicated support, less significant risk of false identity, and different privacy concerns.

What is the impact of Identity on the Defi sector?

Alexandre Starovetskiy: The impact of Identity could be potentially really huge in the DeFi sector. If we could achieve our common goal to satisfy all client expectations and create something meaningful to protect digital identity by providing unique data verification technology, it would be great!

Mykola Mashkovskyi: I will add from the business point of view. This will streamline the processes for our clients, the partners, who will join Identity and use our verification page and NFT tokens, which will be issued to the applicants. This will streamline the processes and make the integration significantly easier as this verification page, where the client approves to transfer the data, will have no code. It will be one URL link that should appear following the login. So basically, there will be only one page where the user will allow to share the data.

And for users, there will be the hassle of providing the KYC on different platforms every time because there are hundreds of KYC providers. The users are struggling with all these KYC; some of them are doing better work, some are worst. The business will be satisfied with not paying for numerous attempts. Clients will be satisfied with getting rid of the hassle of providing documents for dozens of services, which is less secure and less time consuming.

How do you use PureFi for AML checks?

Mykhailo Tiutin: If we’re talking about AML-score check, there are a few ways of doing that with PureFi Protocol. We do have a frontend integration SDK right now, which is available on GitHub, and you can use that as of today. We also plan to use back-end and smart contract integration SDK shortly. You will be able to use that in your DeFi AML checks. So most likely, we will be releasing a smart contract SDK in a couple of months, definitely Q1 next year. And about backend integration, I cannot tell you the exact timeline for now.

What chains are available to check wallets?

Mykhailo Tiutin: We can check Ethereum right now; we plan to have a financial chain in the nearest future, possibly in a couple of months. Also, we’ll be adding other chains as soon as some significant players add these channels into their AML checks.

PureFi, are there any next rounds or farming?

Mykhailo Tiutin: Keep in touch with us in our telegram chat; this is the best source of information about farming and rounds. There will be some next rounds in the nearest future, but I can’t give you any insights right now.

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