A manual on spotting “dirty” addresses

We care about your security and, therefore, came up with a short manual on how to find a fraudster. Here you will find a list of common similarities that we have analyzed after noticing a certain amount of scams.

⦁ Youtube search

There are a lot of fake online broadcasts on Youtube. They have repeating features like always doing live broadcasts and using an interview image or a code with an address.

Or the website address as shown in the screenshot above.

The website asks you to invest money in the project and promises to send you twice as much.

⦁ Search in social networks

You can register on different social channels networks, mainly Telegram and Facebook. In such groups, there are occasional announcements about the distribution of coins or that you can get rich by sending money. As a rule, they are talking about a 50% or 100% increase in investment.

⦁ Search forums

It is the same for searching the forums. Look for ads that are too good to be true. Just like the projects mentioning it above (in the screenshots).

A screenshot of the site or a message that proves a fraudulent project must be attached to the address promising you that you will get rich by sending money. As a rule, it is about a 50% or 100% increase in investment promise.

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