Each PureFi legendary creature is a separate NFT piece, a fragment taken out from the entire NFT collection paradigm. These non-fungible tokens are not of a regular type. What makes them different is a wrapping feature — inside, they carry ERC20 tokens of PureFi’s partners, which, as a result, turns…

We recently published an investigation about the fraudulent project where scammers sent illegally obtained funds to a large exchange that we believed had a good anti-fraud system (a transaction from the r31G7de4rVWidcj6qXLfAw9gCm1jVGna3w wallet).
In addition to publishing the investigation, PureFi wrote to KUCOIN warning that it noticed this transaction and asked…

As you already noticed, PureFi started farming with IDENTITY last week and will continue doing so until the 7th of November.

Many of you asked why we chose IDENTITY for PureFi’s Issuer’s role, and we will gladly provide you with a straightforward answer.

First of all, IDENTITY is the first KYC service with a reusable NFT token, which eliminates the pain of doing KYC each time when registering on a new platform. For a business like PureFi, IDENTITY completely removes the risk of losing clients after numerous KYC attempts and payments for failed verifications attempts. With the NFT that IDENTITY uses as a digital ID, the primary information is kept in the token and can’t be fragged.

Since IDENTITY is a DeFi solution, it is perfectly suited for DeFi solution like PureFi, which allows us to create a seamless intergation.

We continue warning you about our findings after performing a new cryptocurrency market research. Today, the Shiba coin caught our attention since lately it’s been widely discussed by many. Therefore, we decided to look at the fraudulent projects that are using this coin now and we found several scammers doing so. Some of the fake stirrups have already been exposed.The problem is that people believe in the scammers’ empty promises of quick enrichment.

PureFi continues to monitor fraudulent projects on the Riple network.

Our analysts have found some new live broadcasts with fake players.

Fortunately, the video wasn’t on air for a long time, but the address indicated on the video to where the money should be send is still working and available.

PureFi, a highly renowned AML protocol provider for Decentralized Finances (DeFi), to safeguard the DeFi market against the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing is to enter into a strategic & technical partnership with Envelop, a flexible cross-chain toolset able to give any NFTs new functionality such as economic…

PureFi decided to describe one of many cases involving fake websites and gifts distribution. PureFi chose this case because it contains large amounts of money and, consequently, very large losses. As you can see from the picture, we are dealing with a standard fraudulent website.

Tell us who you dreamed of becoming as a child? How did you make your first money?

I had a lot of dream jobs I wanted to do as a child. For instanse, a football player, a rock star, and only then, a developer. It soon became clear that there…

We care about your security and, therefore, came up with a short manual on how to find a fraudster. Here you will find a list of common similarities that we have analyzed after noticing a certain amount of scams.

⦁ Youtube search

There are a lot of fake online broadcasts…

During our previous AMA session with PureFi x ULTRASAFE, our CEO, Slava Demchuk, didn’t answer some interesting questions on time. Therefore, we decided to pick the five hottest questions to answer in writing and share with you.

Enjoy your read and tell us what you think.

How are you growing…

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