What does DAO mean to you?

Slava Fokin: If we look at the launchpad, there are always two sides involved. On one side, you have investors who want to buy tokens from blockchain startups, and on the other side, it’s always their startups. I think that each of them have…

What is the technology behind Kirobo Protocol? How does it work?

Michael Pearl: I don’t want to go too deep into the technical details, but I’ll give the basic structure of how it works. First of all, the undo button is very straightforward. We have a solution for Bitcoin, but…


Tell us more about your ecosystem. What is LocalTrade in general?

Ivan Yatsenko: First of all, LocalTrade was initially a centralized crypto exchange. But times have changed, and we realized that being just a crypto exchange is merely not enough. So we decided to move in a different direction…

PureFi Protocol

The one-stop compliance protocol for DeFi

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