The cybersecurity market is overloaded. Usually, services are pretty basic and don’t cover all business aspects to ensure complete safety and protection. The retail market is interested in comprehensive audits to make sure their investment is safe.

This and more find out by reading a recap of the AMA.

Have you already spoken to potential partners about this new product, and are they equally excited about it?

Sasha Antropov: Yes, before announcing anything we’re normally going through the customer development. We look at whether something we created as an idea would be needed in the market. The platforms that helped…

We’re proud to create an effective, complex multi-layer solution for protecting honest market players’ cryptocurrency transactions.

Our mission is to keep DeFi and CeFi clean from fraud and facilitate true mass adoption.

AMLSafe is a part of our ecosystem. Want to know how?

Well, first of all, PureFi shares the same Founders with AMLSafe, which essentially combines the same values brought into both projects. The difference lies in the markets these products operate in.

AMLSafe deals with classical crypto, whereas PureFi, is solely made for DeFi. Together they stand towards the same goal of keeping Blockchain clean.

AMLSafe has all the standard features: buy, sell, exchange, send and receive.

Together, we help you stay protected from scammers, fraud, and stolen coins.

PureFi, the DeFi compliance protocol, and ArtWallet, the Smart&Secure NFT App for Artists, the 21st-century version of iTunes, and Spotify via NFTs, have signed definitive agreements on a technical partnership to accelerate growth and promote technological advancement for both companies in the fast-growing global Blockchain industry. ArtWallet and PureFi have been launched within Hacken Foundation. That is why it was an obvious and, at the same time, reasonable decision for PureFi to choose ArtWallet as one of the first users of its new solution.

The new service provided by PureFi will make sure that all ArtWallet’s investors pass a deep…

PureFi, the DeFi compliance protocol, today announced that it joined INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications), the leading convener in the global blockchain ecosystem, to expand its global presence to Europe, the US, and the Middle East and receive the opportunity to work with all members of the association and regulators. Amongst the biggest project members, you can find companies like Aave, Accenture, Tendermint, Bank Frick, Cardano Foundation, Gnosis, Polymath, R3, and many more.

Through this mutually beneficial partnership, PureFi becomes a few steps closer to its goal of working hand in hand with the regulators and policymakers within…

In March 2021, the global anti-money laundering body FATF (Financial Action Task Force), consisting of 37 county members, has published a draft regulation for virtual asset service providers (VASP). The focus of the published guidance is on the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), which highlights how the regulators acknowledge the rising popularity of both. This has intensified the race among the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market participants to become clean.

The owners of DEXs and others decentralized (dApps) are considered VASPs, so they are responsible for complying with international AML and KYC laws. Despite the absence of the central…


All IDO participants will receive the 2nd release of $UFI tokens on Thursday August 26 (2021) at 14:00:00 GMT+0.

Important, do not CLAIM tokens before that.

Claim & Auto-Staking

1. Open

2. Connect your wallet (using Meta Mask or Wallet Connect)

3. Push “Write” button under #11 “WithdrawAndStakeAvailableTokens” for token withdrawal and auto-staking on our farming dashboard

On Thursday, the 19th of August, PureFi hosted its weekly AMA session, where the CEO of BlockBank, Kelghe D’cruz, was invited to speak about important things happening on the market and share some details about nature of the PureFi-BlockBank partnership.

See what Co-Founder of PureFi Sasha Antropov & Kelghe D’cruz, the CEO of BlockBank, have to say about achieving the goal of low-risk DeFi.

  • ​How to achieve the goal of low-risk DeFi?

Sasha Antropov: I’m personally in dialogue with several significant DEXs telling us that they don’t want to be compliant six months ago. They believed it was enough for…

BlockBank and PureFi are pleased to announce that they have entered into a collaboration providing the AML & KYC filters to make DeFi a safe entry for institutional investors.

BlockBank and PureFi are pleased to announce that they have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with a common goal of setting a high standard low-risk entry into DeFi space for institutional investors. With AML&KYC technology playing an increasingly critical role in enabling TradFi participate in DeFi, both PureFi and BlockBank recognize the need of not only helping to track the liquidity through AML & KYC procedures but to filter and ensure only the low-risk incoming liquidity into the pools and farms. The BlockBank-PureFi partnership represents various benefits for both communities mentioned below:

BlockBank, a neo-bank, an AI-powered, traditional mobile…

05 August 2021–17 UTC

  1. What’s the cooperation base for PureFi and Sanctum? Is there something about an investment?

Rico Pang: As usual for Sanctum, we do more than just investments in projects that we believe in. Dunstan has very high expectations of PureFi and believes it can do very well. We are always contributing in terms of relationships and networks, connecting the right business partners, exchanges that will be good and suitable for listing. Sanctum will be engaging quite a number of partners to connect with PureFi. Moving forward we’ve also got a lot of plans to do business…

Let’s talk about the updates that our investors and community want to hear. I’ll start with the tech and the product. As you know we launched a farming dashboard. It’s important to mention that we will run the farming campaign only until our MVP is live, which we aim to have finalized by the end of this year, the last quarter of 2021.

We originally designed it to incentivize our users to stake and get bonuses instead of buying and selling the tokens for speculative reasons (until the platform is actually built).

I’m here to build trust with our community…

PureFi Protocol

The one-stop compliance protocol for DeFi

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